What and Why...

Only once the What and Why are understood can appropriate decisions be made, such as:

How may you leverage technology to achieve your goals?

Where will changes in governance, security, and process/system ownership be required?

When should technology be implemented to provide the most benefit?

Simply put, it’s what’s important - to you, your customers or clients, your shareholders.

Understanding the What and Why is vital, and frankly, it’s where other consulting firms fall short.  Perhaps they have ‘arrangements’ with a list of vendors that they are incented to recommend.  Perhaps they are in fact owned by a large hardware or software vendor.  Objectivity?  Not likely.  They are motivated to guide you to their big pay-day, making your needs align to their vendors’ strengths.

What ultimately gets lost is the focus on the What and Why...

What functions and processes are important to your company’s success?

What sets you apart from your competition?

What do you need to be moving to in the future to improve your position?

Why are these important, unique, vital to you?  Are there environmental (internal, external, or both) drivers influencing your decisions?